Far from the Twisted Reach

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A familiar, safe, and peaceful landscape far removed from the smoky forest of the mind - descent into the self. Inspired by Dylan's Mr. Tambourine Man.  You pause for a moment. The moment past turns the inside smoke rings of my mind into the outside foggy ruins of time. The present leaves you breathlessly anticipating the vista revealed between the trees, and that anticipatory moment is so so close. Moment by moment by moment. Past, present, future. You are leaving behind the frozen leaves and the haunted frightened trees. A few steps away - there is probably a valley below the smudge of blue hills.- bathed in a glorious pink sunrise light. Maybe there's a beach -maybe a dancer - maybe a tambourine delight silhouetted by the sea. We bleed the present moment into a future that never comes and then we recast the future as a past that cannot be recaptured. Everything is in the moment.
Bold knife and brush. 16x20 framed ready to hang.