Crown Land Entwhistle - Waning Light

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In Canada, land that belongs to no individual belongs to the British Monarchy - hence "Crown" land. It is generally scrub land - not much good for anything. The good land is homesteaded. Crown Land is wilderness - no fences, no manicuring. It is home to every kind of wild animal - roaming the edge of the prairies in a natural habitat. There are bears, moose, elk, deer, wolves, coyotes, bobcats, and all of their assorted prey. This small delight I painted while sitting in the gallery on a rare rainy day in Laguna Beach.  I once had a cabin on a wooded acre on the edge of a vast tract of Crown Land near Entwhistle, Alberta. This work continues my exploration of a past that is close behind - a conjured image as close as my memory. The scene looked like this 40 years ago, and it looks like this today, and it will look like this forty years from now. The painting is timeless.