Coyote’s Lair

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Media:    Sterling Silver and mahogany obsidian cabochon

Size:       1 inch wide by 2and 1/8 inches high without bail.  With Bail, the piece is  3 inches high.

This Navajo inspired pendant is set in a traditional “shadow box” setting, on a silver backing with a raised edge.  The cabochon is bezel set inside the shadow box. The silver inside the shadow box is patinated black. This cabochon is a freeform cut to highlight the mahogany patterns on the black background and to highlight the subtle golden chatoyance.

This pendant is a striking piece that can be worn with casual or formal clothing and works well in combination with other silver jewelry pieces.

The detail photos show the bail stamping details and the edge carving typical in Navajo style jewelry.  The entire piece is handmade.