Call to Artists

Are you an artist interested in joining Cove Gallery? We pride ourselves in representing a talented and diverse range of quality artists. We are currently at capacity, however, we are accepting submissions from new artists that are interesting in being added to our wait list for jurying as a new Cove artist.


Gallery Requirements:

Our Gallery Artists own and operate Cove Gallery and display their art in our Laguna Beach gallery and in our Online Store.  We offer a wide array of benefits and have a set of requirements for all of our new artists. Click to view our Gallery Artist Requirements.


    Artist Benefits:

    Low Commissions - As an artist owned and operated gallery we provide an excellent value to our artists through really low commissions (generally only 10%) so that more of your sales go directly to you.

    Large Wall Space - Our artists rotate between wall spaces every two months so that each artist has an opportunity to be in different areas of the gallery.  We have generous spaces that allow for a variety of art sizes.  This also keeps our gallery fresh and looking different for our customers.

    Window Display - We also rotate between artists for the Window Display, ensuring that each artist gets ample exposure on Pacific Coast Highway.
    Marketing - We market all of our artists and their work through our various social media outlets, direct email, press releases, and event promotion.
    Art Events - We host numerous art events throughout the year and promote them through our email list and social media outlets.

    Online Art Sales - We offer our artist's work for sale in our online store. Each artists has their own "Collection" of works that can be purchased from our store and directly through social media outlets such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.

    Artist Networking - By being in a collaborative gallery our artists have the opportunity to share ideas and network with other member artists.

    Jury Process

    We have a simple jury process for new artists:

      1. Review our Gallery Artists Requirements to ensure that you and the gallery would be a good fit.
        2. Submit an email application with images of your work and a bio.
          3. Bring 3-5 pieces of your work for a jury session with our current artists (if your application is approved for jury)

            As an accepted artist you will become part of the Cove artist community and will enjoy all the benefits that come with gallery representation!