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Artist Bio

Patrick has been painting all his life, from using hand-held brushes to digital media. Recently, incorporating acrylic, house paint, wood and mixed media, he creates Meta­Recallism — abstract or iconic expressions utilizing line and shape to convey subtle visual descriptions that jar something familiar to the viewer — a la memory recall. Many see his nod to the past pointing to his action paint stroke style and what seems to be rapidly created images. After more careful study, his layers of color and paint strokes reveal a more richly composed piece.

Patrick’s work has exhibited locally and internationally. He has had representation in San Diego by Galleria Spagnolo in association with Sushi Gallery and has exhibited with speaking engagements at SDSU and the Museum of Photographic Arts, Balboa Park. His work has also traveled to locations including Venice Beach Los Angeles, New York, Milan, Rome, Florence, and Venice Italy.

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