Lynn Marie McShane

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Facebook: Lynn Marie Freeman (McShane)

Instagram: @LynnMarieTheArtist


Artist Bio

Lynn Marie is a self-taught artist who has explored her creativity through lingerie design, cosmetology, and the occasional art project. In recent years her discovery of Alcohol Inks ignited her creativity and passion for painting. Her love of abstracts and color, along with mystery and mysticism comes through in each unique piece she creates. Lynn Marie currently lives in a small coastal town in Southern California where she draws inspiration from the ocean and from the nature that surrounds her.

When Lynn Marie began painting daily, almost as a spiritual practice…she called herself Lynn Marie The Artist as an affirmation. Throughout her life she had always been, Lynn Marie the…bartender, student, designer, hair stylist— up until 2016 she had never identified as an artist, so she began the mantra— "Lynn Marie The Artist", to remind herself that transformation is possible and that she had finally become The Artist!

Artist's Statement:

"I strive to create artwork that is a unique expression of self and place. By combining inks and paints, each piece unfolds and manifests in mysterious ways, often mirroring the way I see the world and the forces beyond. I enjoy working with mixed mediums, but feel particularly connected to the freeflow of alcohol ink…every day I strive to embrace the flow both in art and life.

It is my hope that my art evokes emotion and inspires you to recognize magic in the world around you."

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