Liz Abeyta

Liz Abeyta

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Living in Southern California, I see “potential” paintings everywhere. Easily spotted are the beautiful coastal vistas. However, I'm also drawn to the more intimate everyday subjects. These are scenes that are passed on a daily basis, but on certain occasions the light or mood is compelling. These are the moments I hope to capture on canvas. 

I love the constant challenges of painting on location as it forces me to pare down grand vistas or detailed scenes to the bare essentials. It is a delicate balance to provide just enough so that the painting is understood by the viewer, while leaving suggested features to the imagination. I strive to be efficient with brushstrokes yet still capture my feelings about the location.

We’ve all heard “variety's the spice of life.” Variety also adds spice to a painting: light played against shadow, hard crisp edges versus soft lost ones, thick paint confidently laid against a thin wash, and warm yellows and reds alongside cool blues and greens. These contrasts can really make a painting sing.

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