Artist Kara Elizabeth Pewthers


Artist Kara Elizabeth Pewthers

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Kara Elizabeth is a painter with a passion for color and vibrancy. Her often detailed works cover a wide range of subjects from the ocean to people, but they are unified by her consistent use of rich colors. She notes, “I find inspiration all around me – in the garden, by the ocean, in a coffee shop, sitting by a window, in someone’s smile or a beautiful fleeting moment.” All of these themes find their way into her art. Her passion for creating art began with childhood oil painting classes, and continued on as she earned a Fine Arts Degree from California State University Fullerton and graduated Magna Cum Laude with high honors. She then co-founded a non-profit art organization, and exhibited work in the 7 Muses Art Gallery and private art studio shows.

Kara was born and raised near the ocean in Southern California and currently lives in Orange County, California, where she creates art in her “Le Petite Studio”. Her work is currently collected across the United States and the United Kingdom.

One of her goals for her art and her collectors is to bring hope and joy. Kara shares, “It is my hope that my love, joy, and thankfulness come through my work and spreads to those who encounter it.”



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