Artist Joe McFaul

Artist Joe McFaul

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Artist's Bio

Joe has been creating jewelry after retiring from a successful law career.  What began as an outlet for creativity and stress relief has grown into a full time enterprise.  He has been developing his skills by taking jewelry classes and workshops since 2014.  He has been successfully selling his one-of-a-kind creations at Cove Gallery since 2018.

Artist's Statement

I have been fascinated by the creativity and the problem solving involved in making custom jewelry.  No two pieces are alike.  I cut all my own stones (with the exception of dichroic glass, which I obtain from a a glass artisan).  Each stone has its own hardness, its own patterns and its own characteristics that must all be considered in designing a piece.

Each of my pieces is like one of my own children—each has its own personality.  I have found that cutting my own stones and carefully designing a setting complementing the stone is the best method to creating a stunning original and a unique piece of wearable art.  I am always thrilled to design pieces specifically for an individual collector.

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