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Artist's Bio

Living in Huntington Beach since 1998, the Artist has enjoyed the inspiration driven by the beautiful environment, the people and wildlife of the area, and the art culture. Originally born in Southern Indiana, Douglas grew up working in many art mediums from a very early age.

He credits his parents, his wife Katie, art teachers, and talented family and friends for providing well balanced exposure to various methods and mediums. Additionally, study of engineering, technology, and construction at Purdue University helped provide the tools and resources that would lead to the mixed media sculptures he creates today.

About Ocean Arrowhead surfboard sculpture series

The Ocean Arrowhead series was started in 2009. The sculptures are created in beautiful “Surf City” Huntington Beach, California. Created from retired surfboards, each piece is a unique, one of a kind sculpture.

The series celebrates and salutes surf culture. Using retired surfboards, a new canvas is created and new life brought to these historical relics. Each board is treated with an ever evolving combination of carving, mixed media materials and methods.

OA also acknowledges the need to protect our environment through reuse. The line hopes to inspire innovative ways of recycling used products that would otherwise be discarded.

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