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Jadranka, Adriana Vukovic was born and raised in Croatia. After completing high school she studied business and tourism in Split Croatia. She discovered the love for art in her early childhood, sketching figures, portraits, and landscape in her notebooks, dreaming of becoming an artist one day. Her life took her in different direction in 1994 when she left Croatia for Sweden to escape the Yugoslavian conflict. After the war was over, in 1997, she moved to California where she has resided since.   Jadranka enrolled to study painting at Department of Theater and Arts at Saddleback College, specializing in oil media, under the instruction of Vito Leonardo Scarola, an Italian art instructor who immediately recognized her natural born talent and desire to create very unique pieces of art. At Saddleback she found herself in the distinctive style of contemporary realism. Her primary inspirations stemmed from the works of Croatian painter Vlaho Bukovac, John Singer Sargent, and Rembrandt can Rijn. To this day, she draws her inspiration from visiting museums, galleries wherever she travels. As a colorist she strives to capture exact details and colors. Her methods comprise of preparing canvassers, mixing colors, layering of oils for depth and definition to achieve realism.

I paint the beauty that I found in the simple society of old Mediterranean villages and towns, the very places where I was born and raised.

My paintings are escape from our bustling lives to the simple world of the Adriatik Sea, where peace, love, freedom, heat and smell exists.

Those pictures and stories live with me and inspire me about simplicity of the people who are not caught in a race of material values.

Their stories of every day life are my story, behind the stone walls of those modest homes and on the narrow town streets.

I attempt with every unit of the work to breath a life into forgotten culture, so the stories presented on my canvas may not be forgotten.


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