Desolation Row under the Pandemic

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Desolation Row is the title of a song written by Bob Dylan in 1965 and is considered one of his 3 transcendental masterpieces. The song is a surrealistic look at urban chaos and has been described as an "epic of entropy". For the people who live in Desolation Row - artists and misfits who tend to question the status quo - it is a place both stable and safe and they keep others out. It is the only place that people can go to escape a repressive society perhaps on the brink of annihilation. No one bothers to look in but "they" also don't want anyone else to go there; the "agents and the superhuman crew" round up everyone that knows more than they do and send them back to their "lives of quiet desperation" as Thoreau puts it. You would think that the desperate ones would be inside of Desolation Row, but NO, they are on the outside hoping to get in. During the great Pandemic of 2020 the streets emptied. Gallery wrapped canvas 24x48x1.5 ready to hang.