Zander Raymond


Zander Raymond

November/December 2017


Raymond is an interdisciplinary visual artist who is currently based in Laguna Beach.

The majority of his drawing work is related to empty space and its connection to him. Often times his drawings start with a process of stripping down places he sees into abstraction and then creating the work on a larger scale.


Artist Statement

As I have started to focus on my work more in-depth in the past couple years, I have explored a handful of different mediums. Whether it be a drawing, video, or installation, I try my hardest to maintain a feeling of elegance, restraint, and quietness throughout each piece.

Each work starts with a sketchbook brainstorm. Once I figure out how I want to accomplish something, I choose what medium I will be working in. I create the work I do for a number of different reasons. For one, it is my preferred way to communicate concepts to an audience. Second, I thoroughly enjoy the process of making work regardless of the medium. And lastly, I believe that there is a universal desire to connect with people through showing work and this is my main inspiration for me as an artist to continuously make work and experiment.

The majority of my drawing work comes from a place of nostalgia and observation. The nostalgic aspect of my work comes from places from my childhood and everyday life of the past few years that served a purpose to me. Whether it be the laundromat down the street from my childhood home, my neighbor’s house, or motel in a familiar part of my hometown. I use pen and ink to recreate how they looked in the past.

For the observation aspect of my work, I often photograph shapes that I see in public that is made effortlessly by plants, trash, and architecture. These serve as my inspiration for abstract works. Through many series of refinements made in my sketchbook, I add and delete portions of the photograph to create a developed composition.