Steve Bernstein

Steve Bernstein

Steve B

Steve is a photography-based digital artist, with his art being created by digitally transforming photographs into works of art. His work is vital, bold and graphic, with a real emphasis on color. Steve works with a wide variety of media, including paper, canvas and most recently, metal.

Photography runs in Steve’s veins. His father was an architectural photographer in New York, and his grandparents were also photographers in its infancy. No surprise then, that imagery has been an important aspect of Steve’s professional and artistic career. Steve\’s art has been shown at galleries in California and Florida in the United States, Vancouver, Canada, and Auckland, New Zealand.

Most recently, Steve and his friend and colleague, world-renowned marine biologist Dr Edie Widder, exhibited their collaborative show Illuminating the Deep for four months at the Elliott Museum in Stuart, Florida, and it will open at the Lighthouse ArtCenter in Florida this December.


Steve’s work resides in private collections in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, as well as the offices of the Secretary of State, Florida, and the New Zealand Consul-General’s Official Residence, Los Angeles. Steve’s artistic goal is simple. His art is all about delighting the eyes and stimulating the soul. Steve feels he has succeeded if he creates art that people want in their homes and in their lives every day.


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