Original fine art for over 40 years!
Original fine art for over 40 years.

Shea Skenderian


Shea Skenderian

January/February 2018


Shea is a Laguna Beach native and a senior at the local high school.

Many of her works focus on the human figure, while others are meant for experimentation. She primarily works in oil paint, but has pieces completed in graphite, charcoal, acrylic paint, and pastel.

Her grandmother, a professional artist, has instilled in her a love of art.


Artist Statement


One series of my art concentrates on sexual abuse. The series tells a story of pain, numbness, frustration, self-realization, confusion, cleansing, and recovery. My portfolio starts with suffering and comes full-circle to recovery and renewal. Another series of my art is dedicated to experimentation. The works do not have a set theme and are meant for me to explore and grow artistically.

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