Saylor Petzoldt


Saylor Petzoldt

March/April 2018


Petzholdt is a 19-year old artist at Laguna Beach High School who is inspired by the wildlife that she grew up seeing as a young girl in Florida. Within the past year, Petzholdt has been commissioned to illustrate an album cover and zine for her favorite local recording studio and band as well as illustrate a children’s book for Steele Stebbin’s Philanthropies. In the future, Petzholdt hopes that art continues to manifest itself into her life as consistently as it has, only to grow deeper and more professionally through a college education in illustration.

You can see more of Petzoldt’s work here.


Artist Statement

Through my drawings, I hope to lessen the gap in the relationship between humans and animals. My works may draw one back to the raw fellowship one had with a childhood pet or experience with an animal by conveying the animal’s true identity as a friend to the viewer. By putting animals on display in such a way, I hope to break the barrier between people and animals, evoking the empathy for them that people once had.