Rob Williams

Rob Williams


Rob is a California native who is passionate about preserving on film the amazing wilderness areas and landscapes of California and Baja California, Mexico.

Rob began black and white photography in high school 1969. Teaching photography at Oceanview School District help pay for studies to continue at Orange Coast College through the decade of the 70’s. During this time, he sold photos and writings to newspapers, magazines and contributed to a guide book about the hot springs of Baja California.

Rob used 35mm cameras in the 1960’s and 1970’s to document his travels in the Mojave Desert of California, and in Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. Back to Basic was the theme of photographic shoots showing the images in the purest form using fine grain film and developing techniques with 35 mm film and a Zeiss Ikon Contarex camera, with f-50mm lens. SCUBA diving and marine biology have also been great passions for Rob, and he used a Super 8 mm underwater camera to make underwater movies.

Landscapes and nature, and street scenes of fishing villages and sea ports in Mexico have been major inspirations for Rob. The finished photos give the viewer a feeling of being part of the scene and feeling nature in all its majesty.

While Rob did some color photography in the 1980’s shooting Kodachrome color slides, he believes black and white photography has a pure and timeless quality, and that black and white photos can deliver a stronger image with more contrast between light and dark. The basic duality of nature can best be expressed in black and white showing the basic components of the earth.

Most of his work was preserved in the archives of his closet, but recently Rob has devoted himself to printing and sharing his work.

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