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Renee Bangerter

Renee Bangerter


I’ve been an artist for virtually my whole life working primarily in oil paintings.  I started working in oils at about age 12 through a private tutor.  As a young child, art became an escape for me.  Anything was possible at the end of a pencil or paint brush.  I have lived all around the world and been to nearly every state in the country.  It all has an impact on how you see the world.  I embrace the term “outsider artist.”  I was never one to follow others.  I continue to follow my own path and just do me.

The subjects of my paintings are primarily done in a style of realism.  It is satisfying to me to get it right so some of my works take a long time.  The artwork will tell me when it is finished.  My favorite artists come from the Renaissance period when realism and the use of light and perspective evolved.


I sometimes choose unconventional subject matter for my paintings and they can have a solitary darkness about them.  Whatever I am thinking about when I paint, goes into the piece.  I see it every time I revisit the image.  It is my internal dialog.

Prior to working as a full time artist, I served four years in the U.S. Marine Corps and then worked 25 years as a mortgage banker working for some of the largest lending institutions in the country.  Life is an adventure.  I’ll sleep when I’m dead

In 2012, I made the leap from the corporate life to a full time artist. I am a previous gallery owner,  joining Cove Gallery in early 2016.  My husband and I have a blended family with five outstanding grown children and five beautiful grandchildren.

I believe in giving back and spend some of my time in service of others.  There is nothing else you can do that brings that kind of satisfaction.  During the past four years, I have served on the Executive Board of the First Thursdays Art Walk and currently hold the office of Treasurer. I have a passion for art and love spending time volunteering with art organizations to bring more beauty to the world.



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