Chris Meredith

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Chris Meredith

Christopher Meredith is an emerging artist from Huntington Beach, California. For the last 20 years, Meredith’s passion for art focused primarily in black-and-white pencil portrait drawings. He spent two decades honing his drawing skills until his mother-in-law asked him to paint a 5 foot wide seascape of the Huntington Beach Pier. That painting got a full page spread in the local paper. People started asking for giclees and Meredith’s painting career began. By his 5th painting, he was asked to be the famous Marine Painter Wyland’s first ever featured artist at his home studio gallery in Laguna Beach. Then he was named the Huntington Beach Art Walk’s Acrylic Painter of the Year and asked to return to the Wyland Gallery for a second showing a few months later. He has also displayed in the DAX Gallery in Costa Mesa and has been accepted to juried art shows such as the Orange County Fair and the Southwest Arts Festival.

Meredith’s style is highly influenced from his love of water. Every painting has a scene of an ocean, bay, river or waterfall. Because of the fact he only created art in black-and-white for 2 decades, he now incorporates very bright and bold colors into his work, and uses the water as a mirror to reflect these colors in his paintings. Because of his training, he would still disagree that he is a painter and would say that he still very much draws his creations, only now with a brush instead of a pencil. The technical skills that he learned as a pencil artist have really helped him become a photo-realistic painter. In fact, when he was nominated for the Acrylic Painter of the Year award, an argument ensued because some of the judges believed he was a photographer and that his work was actually photos. As soon as they were proven to be paintings, Meredith was chosen for the award.

Recently, Meredith was chosen as the first permanent artist of the Rainwater Gallery in Huntington Beach, California, and as a member of the Cove Gallery in Laguna Beach, California.

Chris Meredith
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