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When painting, I am not "Creator". I am simply the space where creation shows up. I paint under the assumed name Lawson in an attempt to further remove ego from the equation.

To paraphrase Eckhart Tolle - All Creativity comes out of inner spaciousness. Once the Creation has happened and something has come into form, I have to be vigilant so that the notion of me or mine does not arise. If I take credit for what I accomplish, the ego has returned, and the spaciousness has become obscured.

My latest body of work, I call Projection Sauvage, in which I combine a mixed medium of acrylic, ink, collage, transfers with a 3 dimensional assemblage structure of found objects. My work sometimes includes a glimpse or suggestion of Angels. I use Angels as a metaphor for our higher selves... that part of us that is in touch with Infinity...that part of us that uses the finite us like Avatars to create in the physical realm.

I am in love with the process of Creation, but sometimes I forget and attempt to produce a result for the observer. That is why the Art Gods created erasers and sandpaper!

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