Laura Parker

Laura Parker

Laura graduated from Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design with a BFA in Graphic Design. She had the opportunity to live and work overseas, enriching her love of all things art. She soon started her own advertising agency, still painting during much of her free time. Leaving the corporate world behind for a more relaxed coastal way of life, Laura has recently moved from the Midwest to Southern California and has found inspiration in the sun, sea, and the vibrant art community of Laguna Beach.

The style of painting Laura enjoys most is abstract expressionism. Working purely from an intuitive and subconscious level, Laura says, her paintings are dictated by movement, color, shape, and texture. “When I force art, or push an idea, it pushes back,” she says. Art must be allowed to come to her. “It helps to get my ‘self’ out of the way to let creativity flow from within, expressing what cannot be expressed with words, and therefore, it is a feeling or emotion interpreted only by you,” she explains.

Laura enjoys commissioned work because she is creating art that is unique to that individual or company. She enjoys the research in working with the homeowner/company to produce art that enhances the surroundings, which Laura adds is the “quintessential artist experience”. Laura’s favorite moment, is the look on a client’s face when they see their idea brought to life. Laura’s art is being collected throughout the United States, including Beverly Hills, San Francisco, Chicago, and her home state of Wisconsin.

My intention is that my art will connect with you, and move you.


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