Yuri Kuznetsov

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Yuri Kuznetsov

Yuri Kuznetsov currently is living in Orange County, California. Born 1961 in Russia, graduated 1986 from the highly acclaimed and renowned Mukhina Art Academy in Saint Petersburg. From 1990 through 1998 Yuri toured Russia and Germany exhibiting his art with “Guild of the Beautiful”, a group of young professional artists and poets from Sochi. In 1998 Yuri competed in the “People to People International Art Ambassador Program”. As winner of the competition, Yuri was invited to the United States to Northridge College in California. Since then, Yuri has been living in Orange County, California continuing his colorful and whimsical paintings for patrons of his art. He uses acrylic and oil on canvas.

Yuri has participated in exhibitions in Sochi, Moscow, Germany, Vancouver, New York, ARTEXPO N.Y., Los Angeles, Chicago, Aspen, Telluride, Santa Fe, Laguna Beach and throughout California. His works are in private collections throughout the world, including Sweden, Great Britain, Holland, Germany, Japan, France, Australia, Finland, New Zealand, Russia, United States and more.


2006 - Poster Artist 30th Anniversary Jazz Festival, Telluride, Colorado
2002 - Mural. Ocean Ave, Laguna Beach California Community Art Project (CAP)
1998 North Gallery, Northridge, CA, People to People International ART Ambassador Program


2013, 2014 Bowers Museum, Santa Ana, California
2006 Celebration of Life, CFA Gallery, La Jolla, California
2002, 2003, 2004 ARTEXPO New York, NY


“Develop deep respect to the world
Breathe in the trace of a bird flying by
Gently touch the sky with your fingertips
Place the sky inside you
Then upon your head
Wrap yourself around the earth
Smile without moving your lips
See the whisper, hear the tree
Eat a pear without opening your mouth
Run away beyond the hill while standing still
Say all the words you know simultaneously
Similarly purr all the melodies
Reflect in all the objects at once
This is how paintings are born”
- Yuri

Yuri Kuznetsov

Yuri Kuznetsov
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