John C. Hall

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John C. Hall

I believe artistic painting offers many meaningful avenues to life long learning. Numerous artist have produced their best work in their later years. I plan to do the same.

Artists follow widely different paths in the process of creating art. I have found my best works come from spontaneous, intuitive flow. I have learned to fully trust and follow my intuitive direction which may flow at different speeds from very high to very low.

It is after I have finished an intuitive piece that I realize what it is about, what I needed or was directed to say. As such, the finished work can vary widely in content and at times be quite unexpected.

As a contemporary abstract painter, I intentionally do quite a bit of experimenting as to materials and sequences. Perhaps this is stimulated by a natural curiosity…what if…or, I wonder… With experimental work, you need to develop the patience to try many things that may fail.

Broad process knowledge is essential to advanced contemporary work. I will use any method to help me express an idea in its most impactful way…be it brushing, spraying, pouring etc. Each process has its own character. I am not a purist or a conventional painter…anything is open to trial including work orientation, dimensions, type of ground, and range of different materials. The fully creative use of these can create a unique visual experience.

John C Hall