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What Does “Artist-Owned” Gallery Mean?

We strive for personal artistic growth and professionalism in presentation. We are dedicated to exhibiting quality art on a year-round basis.  Artists volunteer time to staff the gallery and operate all aspects of the business.  We are able to keep our prices affordable because there are no huge gallery commissions.  We also offer the unique opportunity for you to actually meet the creator of the art, because the person at the desk is one of the artists.

Artist run galleries are a great place to make a purchase with investment potential. The artist is allowed the spontaneity to show exciting new work and the freedom to price at their own discretion.


What Type Of Art Do You Have?

We have artists who specialize in Original paintings, Acrylic and Oil, and Watercolor. We also have Limited Edition Giclee artwork.  We have a selection of outstanding artists with a unique style. Please go the artist dropdown to catch a glimpse of their works.


Do You Sell Only Originals?

Some of our Artists have only originals. Others have both originals and Limited Edition Giclée reproductions available for their best-selling originals. All of these are signed and numbered by the artist which make them highly collectible with the potential to increase in value.



What Is A Giclee?

A Giclee is a high-quality reproduction of a painting, using organic, water-based archival inks. The name is from the French word meaning “to spray,” indicating how the print is created. The inks are rapidly “sprayed” through the micro-jets of a printer onto a canvas surface thus creating a piece of artwork amazingly similar to the original.  A final coating is then applied to protect it from moisture and UV rays.



What About Framing?

Each frame is selected by the artist to complement his/her artwork. You may also purchase the artwork unframed.


Do Your Artists Accept Commissions?

Most of our artists accept commissions and have done so with great success. This is an ideal opportunity to have an original piece of artwork created just for you or your loved ones.  Contact the artist directly for more information.  There is an email link on each of their profile pages.


Do You Ship Art?

Yes, we ship art worldwide.