Lorraine E'drie

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Lorraine E'drie

California artist and accredited art personality, Lorraine E’drie paints with an inspiration born of her unique worldview and contagious joyfulness. Working in both watercolors and oils, she is open and delightfully informative, loving to engage all lovers of art. She has a lifetime teaching credential in Fine Arts through U.C. Irvine, and was an art teacher in the Pasadena School District for sixteen years. Her Coastal California home provides her with all the jewel colors she cherishes, of both ocean, and garden, village square, and compelling Coast Highway sights. Lorraine shows her appreciation of nature through her art.

Lorraine has shown her beautiful art in Laguna Beach at the Art-A-Faire festival for 32 consecutive years. Her collectors come back year after year to see what new pieces she has created. Lorraine is represented by the Cove Gallery, and the Watercolor Gallery; both in The Art Center in Laguna Beach, Ca. Her work is in private collections all over the United States.

Lorraine’s work has been exhibited in the National Arts Club in NY, The National Watercolor Society, The Laguna Art Museum in Laguna Beach, The Bernardo Museum, and the Columbia Maritime Museum in Oregon.

Lorraine is a member of the California Arts Club. The American Society of Marine Artists, New York Coast Guard Artists, and The Art Club of New York. She has been published in the New York Graphic Society, The International Collectors Book, “Yacht Portraits”, The International Marine Art Society “A Gallery of Marine Art”, and in the California Art Review of “Artists of Southern California.