Original fine art for over 40 years!
Original fine art for over 40 years.

Chloe Levine


Chloe Levine

May/June 2018


Levine was born and raised in the beaches of Laguna Beach. Despite Laguna being a bubble, she has traveled the world with her family experiencing different cultures and environments with her family. Ever since Levine was a little girl, she was glued to a sketchbook, drawing animals (mostly horses) and cartoons. Soon her crayons were traded in for pencils, and pencils traded in for paint. Since then she has continued her love for art throughout her high school career. She plans to attend Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon this coming fall, majoring in Environmental Studies with a minor in Studio Art/Design.


Artist Statement

Growing up on the beach and my father being a biologist, I have always felt a strong connection with nature and animals. I was raised in the sand observing the natural wildlife and grew to love animals, while simultaneously developing myself as an artist. That is why with my work I intend to incorporate my love for the natural world and my passion for painting and self-expression. The many colors, shapes, and forms found in nature I try to highlight in my artwork.



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