Camille Demilly-Otteson


Camille DeMilly-Otteson

March/April 2018


DeMilly-Otteson is a junior at Laguna Beach High School and has been creating ceramics for three years, inside and outside the school environment. She worked with professional artist Sharon Hardy for a few months, helping throw and glaze pieces for Hardy’s art shows and art installations. DeMilly-Otteson has been interested in ceramics and art in general as long as she can remember and her parents have always pushed her to pursue and develop her abilities as an artist. She is interested in creating organic shapes that mimic the beauty found in nature and reflect her depth of appreciation for the planet we live on.

You can see more of DeMilly-Otteson’s work here.


Artist Statement

My pieces reflect not only who I am as an artist, but who I am as a person. They showcase my deep appreciation for the world we live in and the nature abundant on the planet. I created the pieces as I began to explore the boundaries of nature and the beauty present in every aspect of life. I started to adventure out more and search for the beauty in life, and as I was doing so I found inspiration in the color of the ocean, the gradient of the sunset, the cold mountain lakes, and everything in between. When people interact with my work, I want them to understand that beauty like this, a completely natural, phenomenal beauty, can only be found in nature, and although inspiration can be drawn from it, the real thing will never compare. I want attention to be drawn towards conservation through the beauty in nature and the people who see and really understand my work. With the rate of deforestation and pollution only rising, time is running out and awareness needs to be raised on how and why we, as a younger generation, need to work towards conservation and making the future a brighter place, with even more landscape than we have now.