Original fine art for over 40 years!
Original fine art for over 40 years.

Addie Briggs


Addie Briggs

July/August 2018


Addie Briggs is a 17 year-old photographer and student at Laguna Beach High School. She loves all forms of digital art, including filmmaking, and hopes to go into branding after graduation. She has interned with professionals in the industry, including Tracie Spence and Cory Sparkuhl, and enjoys shooting all kinds of portraiture, ranging from weddings to fashion to live music.


Artist Statement

My work focuses on the metaphorical and the abstract. I like to take a more conceptual approach towards depicting something I feel passionate about – this year I created a series on human addiction to technology. I wanted to draw attention to the deterioration of human relationships at the hands of phones and computers by using irony and symbolism. I also worked on photographing landscapes from unique and dramatic angles to make them appear more abstract.


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