Permanent Artist Requirements

The Process

We take care to invite the best artists to become a Permanent Artist with Cove Gallery.  Like all things it is easier if you know what to expect and how it works.  Your first step is to submit your application.

Once you have submitted your online application and been invited to meet our jury, it’s time to get prepared.  The following suggestions will ensure you put your best foot forward and have the best opportunity to become a Permanent Artist with Cove Gallery.

Please plan to be on time, unpacked and ready to set up your work 5 minutes prior to your designated time. Parking can be challenging so plan accordingly.  Sometimes there are several artists presenting so if you are late, it delays everyone else.

You will be presenting your art and verbal discussion in front of the other gallery artist members. Please bring 3 to 5 representational pieces of your art. The art should be representative of how you will show them in the gallery (framed and finished). Your verbal presentation should cover the questions outlined in “Artist Outline for Presentation” below. You will have approximately 15 minutes for your verbal presentation. This will be followed by a 10 minute question/answer session. We may have follow up questions and during this time you can ask questions of us.

What criteria does our jury use to select new artists?

Your presentation will give us an opportunity to understand your art and get to know you better.  There are several points of evaluation considerations.  We are also there to answer any questions you may have about us.


  1. How long have you been an artist?
  2. Describe your artistic intent, objectives and goals.
  3. Tells us about your experience marketing your art.
  4. Are currently in other galleries? Which ones and how long? How many pieces have you sold?
  5. Have you previously been in other galleries? Which ones and how long? How many pieces did you sell?
  6. Describe your personality. Are you easy to work with, a contributor and cooperative?
  7. What artist events have you participated in? Awards?

Tell us why we should select you to be in our gallery.


  1. What is your medium, technique and style? (whatever applies)
  2. Do you have a consistent style?
  3. How much inventory of a consistent style do you have?
  4. Do you have appropriate subject matter for our location?

What are the sizes and associated price points of your art?

Other considerations:

  • The work must not be copies or knock-offs of another artist’s work.
  • Diversity of art and balance with other Cove artists (re: directly competing art.)
  • The work must show evidence of the artist’s vision and concept.
  • The work must exhibit a high quality of technique or craftsmanship.
  • The work must be from a consistent body of work.
  • The artist goals and objectives must fit within the family at Cove Gallery.
  • The artist must be a contributor to the group and have the best interest of the gallery at heart.

The artist must be available and able to fulfill the functions, tasks and roles at Cove Gallery.


CONTRIBUTING to Cove Gallery

  1. Are you personally available to participate and take on responsibilities at the Gallery?
  2. What skills or talents can you contribute?
  3. What questions do you have about the Cove Gallery?



Once  your presentation is done, you will be contacted in the next few days with the results of your jurying.

If you are selected, we will schedule a 2 hour appointment to meet at Cove Gallery:

  1. Sign Membership Agreement
  2. Collect your deposit. (check or credit card)
  3. Provide a key to the gallery.
  4. Gallery sitting training.
  5. Review gallery operations.
  6. Explain 90 day probation period.
  7. Explain gallery rotation and new art placement.
  8. Review First Thursday Art Walk event and hosting responsibilities.
  9. Review participation in upcoming special events.

Discussion of your skills and talents (for placement into future tasks).

  1. Review current list of assigned responsibilities and designated artists.
  2. Assign tasks (if appropriate)
  3. Provide dates for:
    • Your Gallery sitting
    • Next monthly meeting date
    • Next gallery rotation
    • Next new art placement
    • Next First Thursday
    • First Thursday Art Walk hosting team (if applicable)
    • Probationary review

Member Responsibilities at Cove Gallery


Each member of the gallery is expected to manage, participate, assist or contribute to some of the tasks below. We are a body of active and contributing artist. In an “Artist Owned” gallery, there are many functions, skills, talents, tasks and roles we all have to play. Here is a list of some of the examples:

  1. Website support
  2. Monthly meeting coordination
  3. Building Maintenance: cleaning; lighting; security; signage;
  4. Marketing support: promotion; planning; publicity
  5. New Artist evaluation: scheduling; planning
  6. Calendars and updates
  7. Gallery sitting schedule
  8. First Thursday host schedule
  9. Gallery supply list

MANDATORY FUNCTIONS: Individual “artist owned” responsibities:

  1. Attend monthly meeting
  2. Participate in New Artist Jurying: Evaluate New Artists for gallery (at monthly meeting)
  3. Probation to Permanent Artist review
  4. Gallery wall rotation and art change out (every 2 months)
  5. Gallery sitting: Twice monthly we each gallery sit. Welcoming customers to the gallery making sales and working from the task list with cleaning up and other activities.
  6. First Thursday Art Walk: Greeting customers and interfacing with other artists.
  7. Special Events: Participate 2-3 times a year in special functions hosted by the gallery.


 Financial Considerations                              

  Minimum One-year Contract

  • $915.00 – One-Time Entry Fee & Security Deposit
    ($615.00 non-refundable; $320.00 refundable deposit)
    [Total amount due at time of contract signing is $1235]
  • Monthly rent share is currently $320.00
  • A commission of 10% paid to the Gallery for exhibited works sold. (20% if a non-artist attendant sells your work)

We encourage interested artists to visit the Cove Gallery to see if their work is compatible and meet some of the artists.  What are you waiting for, submit your application!

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